How do I advertise with Letterwell?

Roel Aufderehar

Letterwell Admin

1 min read

There are three main ways to advertise using Letterwell. The first is to browse our selection of email newsletters through our marketplace. Once you have identified a newsletter you are interested in advertising in, you can contact them via the ‘Direct Message’ button and negotiate an ad campaign. 

The second method is ‘Instant Booking,’ which newsletters can opt to enable. 'Instant Booking' means that the newsletter will already have a pre-defined campaign for a set price. This can be found under the ‘Book Advert’ tab. Simply add this to your cart and purchase the campaign. ‘Instant Booking’ protects your transactions as Letterwell will only release your funds to the newsletter owner once campaign conditions are met.

If you have a budget over $500 you may wish to consider using our exclusive pay-per-click advertising product called Native Ads. Please contact us to find out more.