What is ‘Instant Booking,’ and how does it work?

Roel Aufderehar

Letterwell Admin

1 min read

‘Instant Booking’ allows an ad campaign to be booked in a matter of minutes. No negotiations are necessary, and Letterwell will ensure that your funds are protected. 

With ‘Instant Booking,’ the newsletter will already have a pre-defined campaign for a set price. You can find the price as well as book through ‘Instant Booking,’ under the ‘Book Advert’ tab. Simply click ‘Book Advert’ and then add ‘Instant Booking’ to your cart to purchase the campaign. Through ‘Instant Booking’ your transactions are protected, as Letterwell will only release your funds to newsletter owners once the conditions of the campaign have been met.

If either party feels that conditions were not met or there is any other issue regarding transactions, please contact us.

You can find out more about ‘Instant Booking’ here.