What is the difference between Open Rate (OR) and Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Roel Aufderehar

Letterwell Admin

1 min read

Industry-standard uses two metrics when assessing the success of an email marketing campaign: Open Rate (OR) and Click Through Rate (CTR). Open Rate is the percentage of subscribers that have actively opened the email newsletter and read it. 

The CTR is a percentage calculated as the number of subscribers who have clicked on links through the email newsletter. For example, if a newsletter has 100 subscribers, with 60 subscribers opening the newsletter and 30 subscribers clicking on links through the newsletter, the Open Rate is 60% (60/100) while the CTR is 30% (30/100).

Industry standards show that the average email Open Rate should be between 15-25%, while the average CTR should be about 2.5%. The average click-to-open rate should be between 20-30%.