What does Letterwell do?

Roel Aufderehar

Letterwell Admin

1 min read

Letterwell is a platform that allows adverts to be placed into email newsletters, by bringing together newsletter owners and advertisers. Our platform offers advertisers a large selection of email newsletters for their ads and allows newsletter owners to generate revenue through ad space in their newsletters.

It is completely free for advertisers to browse our marketplace and contact newsletter owners, and it’s also free for newsletter owners to list their email newsletters. 

However, Letterwell does offer a paid listing plan for newsletter owners, which provides a variety of benefits, including a verified badge, a higher search ranking, and priority support. Further details can be found on the pricing page. We also allow newsletter owners to promote their newsletter, with specific promotion plans found on the pricing page.

Finally, Letterwell also provides an ‘Instant Booking’ service, which allows advertisers to book an advertising campaign directly in a matter of minutes. This service carries a range of benefits, including more secure transactions. Payments made using our ‘Instant Booking’ service will not be sent to the newsletter owner until the conditions of the ad campaign are met. More ‘Instant Booking’ details can be found here.

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