Do I need any special configurations to run Native Ads?

Roel Aufderehar

Letterwell Admin

2 min read

Native Ads are platform agnostic meaning that you can publish these ads using any Email Service Provider (ESP), such as Mailchimp, Sendgrind and more.

Details to note

  • Please ensure that is included in your distribution list for all newsletters your publish with Native Ad placements
  • You will be given access to download the ad asset packs via email
  • You will be required to fill out the onboarding agreement form by email, otherwise your payouts will be paused 

Top tips

  • Make sure the tracking URL matches the advert you are running
  • Ensure that you cycle the adverts - we recommend not showing the same ad more than twice a week in succession
  • You can run multiple Native Ads simultaneously, but ensure you strike a careful balance between ad placements and your newsletter content
  • You can run Native Ads alongside other paid sponsorships
  • You can choose when, where and how often you publish Native Ads, but it must be at least once a month

Other information

  • You must not try to falsely or artificially inflate the clicks received on your ads, we have software that can detect this and abuse of our system will result in a permanent ban and forfeiture of all unpaid earnings
  • We have the right to withdraw Native Ads made available to you at any point in time without prior notice needed to be given. Your earnings will be calculated up until that point
  • You must run at least one Native Ad placement per month to be considered an active user of the platform and retain access to the ad library